Community Meal

Emaus serves the Community Meal at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church on the first Thursday of even numbered months. (February, April, June, August, October and December). The meal is served at 5:00 p.m. Pans are available from our kitchen for baking the casserole; bars, and salads are also welcome. Click here for the casserole recipe.

Emaus After School for Youth

Monday through Thursday during the school year, EASY meets from 3:00 to 5:30 p.m. Mentors provide kids from local elementary schools in Kindergarten to Grade 5 with homework help and enrichment in math, reading, language and science. A computer lab and a well-stocked library are available.

EASY is open to Middle School students, too!

There is no charge for the program. To register, contact Katie Syslack at 262-634-5515  weekdays.

Neighborhood Camp

For five weeks during summer vacation, Emaus opens its doors to youth in the neighborhood from Kindergarten to Grade 8. Each week is a separate program, so it is not necessary to commit to all five weeks. Registration is free and opens in May; visit or contact Carol Yust at 262-634-5515 at that time.

Vegetable Garden

Emaus ELCA partners with Racine Urban Garden Network to maintain a vegetable garden, growing nutritious food to be sold and served locally.

Green Team

GED Classes

Nos asociamos con Milwaukee Area Technical College, cuyos instructores enseñar un curso para los hispanohablantes interesados en tomar el examen de Desarrollo Educativo General (GED). Póngase en contacto con MATC para fechas y cursos disponibles.

We partner with Milwaukee Area Technical College, whose instructors teach a course for Spanish-speakers interested in taking the General Educational Development test. Contact MATC for available dates and courses.

Member Care

Out of respect for patients’ privacy, hospitals no longer notify us when our members have been admitted to the hospital. If you or a family member would like to be included in our prayers, or to arrange for a pastor to visit you, please call the church office, or speak to one of the pastors or the members of the Member Care committee: Lupe Flores or Carol Eschmann.

Por respeto a la privacidad de los pacientes, los hospitales ya no nos notifican cuando nuestros miembros han sido hospitalizados. Si usted o un miembro de la familia quisiera ser incluido en nuestras oraciones, o para pedirle a un pastor que le visite, por favor llame a la oficina de la iglesia, o hable con uno de los pastores o con los miembros del comité de Atención a los Miembros: Lupe Flores o Carol Eschmann.

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