Summer Newsletter


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Haga clic aquí por leer el Emaus ELCA Visitor del Verano de 2017.

En la edición de este mes: Campamento de Vecindario 🌞 La misa en el césped 🌞 Comité de Nominaciones elegidos 🌞 Asamblea del Sínodo levada santuario para los inmigrantes  🌞  The Shack 🌞 Kevin Hunter recauda $12.000


Click here to read the Summer, 2017 edition of the Emaus ELCA Visitor.

In this month’s issue: Neighborhood Camp 🌞 Mass on the Grass 🌞 Nominating Committee Elected 🌞  Synod Assembly Raises Immigration Issue 🌞 The Shack 🌞 Kevin Hunter Raises $12,000

P.S.: “Thank you from Kevin Hunter and Shirley Velzka for the people who were kind enough to sponsor him in the AIDS RIDE. They really appreciated all the support and appreciate all that you have done. He was able to raise over $12,000.00. His company was very generous, too. Kevin felt so pleased and happy to have raised so much. This is the last time he will do the actual ride, although he will take part in other capacities. For instance, he will help train people for riding. Thanks again.” —Shirley

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