Cool Community Meal

Thank you so much to all who helped out preparing and serving the Community Meal at St. Patrick’s Church on April 6. It is good to see so many willing to help out those who are in need.

Our next scheduled date at St. Pat’s is Thursday, June 1. St. Patrick’s plans not to use their oven during the summer, so we will not provide the usual casseroles. Instead, we’re asking for cold pasta or leaf salads, fresh fruit, beans, and desserts. United Lutheran Church members plan to bring hot dogs, buns and chips. Look for the sign-up sheet in the narthex.


Emaus ELCA volverá a preparar y servir la comida en St. Patrick’s Community Meal el jueves 1 de junio. Una hoja de inscripción está sobre la mesa en el narthex para aquellos que puedan ayudar a preparar una postre y para aquellos que deseen ayudar a servir la comida.


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