RIC Community Meeting December 14

Emaus ELCA will host an open community meeting led by Racine Interfaith Coalition (RIC) on Wednesday, December 14 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. This meeting is intended to express solidarity with members of the Hispanic community and others who feel vulnerable. Together we will create action to build the unity we desire to see in Racine.

From RIC:

The Racine Interfaith Coalition is taking steps to build unity in our city, after a presidential campaign that stirred up more than the usual fear and division, giving permission for some to blame whoever appears to be “other.”
The RIC Ministry Leaders’ Caucus has drafted a statement that expresses our commitment to create a spirit of community in which everyone can belong and anticipate respect. We invite you to sign on to the statement and share it with friends by email, Facebook, and other social media.
Here is what the statement says:
“We are members of a diverse faith community in Racine. We deplore the growing rhetoric of divisiveness and blame, which stirs up fear and hatred against people who are seen as ‘other.’ Members of our own congregations have been victims of the harassment that has been reported throughout our country. Our own sisters and brothers are threatened with deportation.
“We stand together with one another and with those who are most vulnerable, recognizing that our lives and destinies are intertwined.
“Though we come from different faith traditions, yet we honor in one another our mutual search for Truth and our common desire to embody Love. We commit ourselves to work against all forms of oppression and to build a community where all of us belong and all have the opportunity to flourish.”
We plan to publish this statement with the names of the signatories in the December 11, Sunday Racine Journal Times. If possible, we will run it as a full-page ad. Your donation can help make this a reality. Please send your contribution to Racine Interfaith Coalition at 2302A DeKoven Avenue, Racine, WI 53403, indicating Declaration of Unity Ad. It is important now, as much as ever, that we work together to create a shared life in our community, where all have reason to hope.

To sign the Racine Interfaith Coalition’s Declaration of Unity, visit this page.

Emaus ELCA será la sede de una comunidad abierta reunión llevada por la Coalición Interreligiosa de Racine (RIC) el miércoles, 14 de diciembre de 18:30 a 19:30. Esta reunión pretende expresar su solidaridad con los miembros de la comunidad latina y otros que se sienten vulnerables. Juntos vamos a crear medidas para construir la unidad que deseamos ver en Racine.

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