Post Card from Pastor Mary

Dear Emaus traveling companions,

I take in the view of the lake, the sound of loons in the distance, and the sun breaking through14054008_1071500116274202_3770645522851163723_n the branches in the tall north woods, and I ask myself, “Is this glimpse of heaven what retirement is really like?”  Then I hear news of gunshots and fires, of flooding and untimely deaths, and of anger seething and spewing over in harsh words, and I am reminded that this respite is only temporary.

But, I also carry images of that beautiful sunny day on July 31 when my retirement was celebrated, and I see white, brown and black faces.  I observe wheel chairs and walkers and children skipping—young and old, gay and straight, some folks I’ve known for 25 years, and others who are newcomers.  “Buenos días” and “Good morning” are intermingled, and the words of praise and thanksgiving are lifted in Spanish and English.  There are images of breaking bread together.  I give God thanks for these glimpses of heaven and for each of you who has touched my life in so many ways.

And, as I extend my thanks to God and to you, I do so with hope. Emaus continues to grow and to flourish; becoming the community God has intended us to be. We are called to be present in a world of chaos and turmoil and uncertainty, embodying the phrase recently shared with me:  Justice is what love looks like in public. 

Let’s continue to be that face of hope and compassion as we walk into the future together, accompanied by the Resurrected One! 

With gratitude for the gift you are,

—Pastor Mary

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