Congregation Issues Term Call to Pr. Gabriel

160605-cngmtg03editThe congregation voted last Sunday to issue an 18-month term call to Rev. Gabriel Marcano effective July 1. The slate of candidates for church council was approved by voice vote with the addition of Edilberto Martinez to serve as co-Vice President with Antelmo Hernando.

The other members of the Executive committee are Chris Lamberton, Presidente/President; Noemi Ortiz and Art Smith, co-Tesorero / co-Treasurer; and Juan Carlos Cabrera and Missy Porcaro, Secretario / Secretary.

Also elected to the church council:

  • Ricardo Flores and Loren Larsen, Propiedad / Property
  • Soledad Beltran and Carolyn Wooster, Mayordomia / Stewardship
  • Cheryl Dexter and Trinidad Hernando, Convivencia / Fellowship
  • Ilse Merlin and Érica Villegas, Educación / Education
  • Cathy Meyer and Gina Tiburcio, Cuidado Especial / Member Care
  • Pablo Enríquez, Ministerio Juvenil / Youth
  • Kathy Christensen and Alex Galicia, Misa y Adoración / Worship
  • Imelda Ruiz and Brenda Trumbauer, Música / Music
  • Rich Benson, Justicia Social / Social Concerns
  • Angélica Martinez and Carol Yust, Alcance a la comunidad / Outreach.

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