November Newsletter

🎃 Note: Rain and cold are predicted for our trip out to the Johnsons’ farm Wednesday evening, but we’re still planning to go for some indoor activities. If it’s too cold, we just won’t stay as long. 🎃

Click here to read the November edition of the Emmaus Visitor, now on its way through the U.S. Postal Service to mailboxes visitorall over town.

In this month’s issue: All Saints’ Day Remembrance 🎃 FaithWorks Bible Study 🎃 ‘Celebrate Generosity’ 🎃 ‘Abundance of Gratitude’ 🎃 Transition Team Report 🎃 After School Pix 🎃 62 Attend Anti-Racism Workshop 🎃 One Man’s Experience with Solar Panels 🎃 Thankyou to Kids’ Cove Volunteers 🎃 Giving Plan for 2016 🎃 ‘Oh, So Generous’ 🎃 And finally, not meaning to rush the season or anything: Christmas Poinsettia Order Form 🎃


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