September Newsletter

visitorClick here to read the September, 2015 edition of the Emmaus Visitor.

In this month’s jam-packed issue: 👐 “God’s Work. Our Hands” Sunday 👐 Knitting, Sewing Group Moves to Wednesdays 👐 Season of Creation 👐 Constitution Input Welcome 👐 Guest Preacher Rev. Neddy Astudillo 👐 Pastor Steve’s Bible Study 👐 Anti-Racism Workshop 👐 New Upholstery 👐 After School, Mentoring Programs 👐 Neighborhood Camp Reports 👐 Thanks, Wednesday Weeders 👐 XII Asamblea Bienal de la Asociación de Ministerios Latinos 👐 ‘Anticipation’ 👐 Driver Card Rally 👐 Climate Change 👐 Diakonia Program 👐 ‘Get Ready. Get Set. Go’ 👐

The on-line and in-the-mail versions both include an insert with registration and volunteer forms for the anti-racism workshop (October 1-3) and “God’s Work. Our Hands” Sunday (September 13).

One thing that didn’t make it into the newsletter in time is that we have some extra “God’s Work. Our Hands” t-shirts. Please see Carol Yust if you are interested.


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