Synod Assembly Calls for Adjustment of State Corrections Budget

The 2015 Greater Milwaukee Synod Assembly convened Friday, May 29 at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin with 322 voting members and 23 visitors present. WorshAlt-A542

The assembly passed a resolution on Social Justice and Ministry, calling upon congregations’ members to contact the Wisconsin Senate and Assembly by June 10 to “demand the $5 million in the State proposed budget to incarcerate more people be reallocated for treatment, alternatives and diversions instead of prison.” The resolution noted that Christ ministered to the outcasts of society and proclaimed God’s love and grace to all who believe.

Margaret Robinson was elected to represent the Racine Mission Cluster at the 2016 Churchwide Assembly.

The synod assembly approved revisions to the process of electing a synod bishop, in which an appointed Elections Committee will manage the process independently of synod staff. The Synod Council will oversee this committee, but not actively participate in it.

The assembly adopted a budget for fiscal 2016 anticipating $2,095,500 in contributions and support and $2,119,320 in ministry expenses.


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