Updated Church Constitution

Const106An updated constitution for the church was approved by the church council at its November meeting. This updated constitution is necessary because the current one that we are operating under dates from 1986 — before the ELCA was formed. In the intervening years the model constitution of the ELCA has changed and we need to change ours to be in conformance.

We have also taken this opportunity to streamline many of the provisions that we are allowed to take locally so that the words reflect the practices here at Emmaus.

In order for this constitution to become operational the congregation has to both approve it on 18 January, 2015, and ratify it at our annual meeting on 25 January, 2015. Please download a copy here or pick one up at church. If you have any questions about the document or the process please contact either Cathy Meyer or Art Smith.

1. Need for update
a. Emmaus 1986 constitution does not conform to current ELCA model
2. Time line for adopting updated constitution
a. Oct. 21 council meeting: discussed update of constitution
b. Nov. 18 council meeting: approved update of constitution
c. Jan. 18 congregational meeting: approve update of constitution
d. Jan. 25 annual congregational meeting: ratify update of constitution
3. Three parts of updated constitution
a. Constitution based on ELCA 2013 model
i. Sections with asterisk before number must be included verbatim
ii. Sections without asterisk before number are strongly suggested
iii. Must be approved by congregation
b. Bylaws
i. Specific to Emmaus
ii. Must be approved by congregation
c. Continuing resolutions
i. Easy to change
ii. May be approved by council only
4. Numbering system
a. Constitutional provisions: (*C8.02, C12.09)
b. Bylaw provisions: (C8.02.01)
c. Continuing resolutions: (C13.07A13)


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