Open Letter from St. Andrew Council

Dear Emmaus friends,

In your Council’s letter to St. Andrew, they verbalized what we all have been thinking: that both congregations are much richer for having spent time together over the last ten months. The council and congregation of St. Andrew agrees wholeheartedly when we say we are no longer just fellow Lutherans in Racine, but are now friends.

StAndrewLogoRGBWe, the Council and members of St. Andrew, fully understand and appreciate your need and desire to remain in your current location as there are neighborhood partners that have come to rely on and appreciate your presence. The missions and relationships of Emmaus are best suited for a more urban location which keeps your congregation deeply engrained in your neighborhood.

The members of St. Andrew spoke loudly at our meeting this past Sunday [September 14] indicating there is still a strong desire to remain in our more rural location and to explore more thoroughly the possibilities in that area.

We pray that the decision to remain in our individual locations will not be the end to cooperative worship and outreach. We have all learned that worship is enhanced when we combine our resources and it is our sincere hope that we can collaborate for special occasions as we will in the next several weeks during the Season of Creation.

We are fuller together but, unfortunately, neither congregation is ready to leave behind the traditions and memories of our places of worship. Perhaps there will come a time in the future when the timing will be right and our congregations will come together on a permanent basis.

As you hold the members of St. Andrew in your prayers, we also hold you in ours as we both move forward in our missions to Racine.


The St. Andrew Congregation Council. September 15, 2014


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