Listening Sessions Have Begun

people212Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
As you may know, our congregations of Emaús, Emmaus, and St. Andrew have been creating opportunities to worship, serve, and celebrate festivals together during the past several months. After alternating church locations for eight months, our leaders have decided to explore the possibility of joining together in one location.
It is very important that our leadership now hear from all of the members of our congregations. We have scheduled opportunities for you to share your thoughts and feelings, either in a group or individually. We have trained some listeners to facilitate these groups and one-on-one conversations. We will be calling you very soon if you have not already signed up at church.
We have sent our members a letter including some detailed assessments about Emmaus and St. Andrew—buildings, finances, staff, etc. We will not be going over these in the listening groups/ individual conversations; but we encourage you to study them before your conversation so that you know some background information about our situation.
The letter also includes brief profiles highlighting each congregation’s most important current ministries. Please read these also. Most of us want to form our opinions not only on buildings and assets, but also on the work of God being carried out in each congregation and the potential for future ministries at each location.
Finally, please pray for all three of our congregations as together we seek God’s guidance for our future.

God’s Peace,

Cathy Meyer and Sandy Roberts

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