Gardening Progresses

from Sandy Strini

Hi all who may or may not be interested in our Saturday work date at 9:00 a.m.

Just got done talking with Amy Macemon, the RUGN coordinator. More compost may be delivered today or Friday. The order has been placed so the remaining beds can be filled. The delivery of it depends on the supplier in Kenosha. If it does arrive we will have lots to do. Bring shovels and any wheel barrels you may have access to.

garden_7399Amy restated that the area inside of the small picket fence will be left for Emmaus to do with as they wish. RUGN is not going to develop any of the plots inside of the fence. They would like to see mulch spread on the pathways and the corners of the beds reinforced with 4×4 posts. (If we do that, someone will need to bring a drill and some long screws. We do have the 4×4 pieces.) As a church we will have to decide how that gardening area will be used. The arrangement for that space last year did not completely work out.

The raised beds on the west side of the area go north and south, so the area has an end cap to it. Another reason that they go in that direction is because RUGN ran out of lumber for the raised beds. They will add two more beds when they can so there will be a total of 15. If we want to turn the beds east and west like the other 12 we could make room for 18 beds, however, we would have to lay down lots more mulch to expand the west side of the plot.

Will try to keep the group informed as I learn more. Hope to see some of you with your shirt sleeves rolled up on Saturday ready to sweat! Gardening is hard work. 🙂


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