Green Team Forum

You are invited to a special forum on “Caring for Creation: Our Faith Motivation” at our usual coffee hour after church this Sunday, January 19, 10:15-11:00 a.m. Sister Janet Weyker of the Racine Eco-Justice Center, will be joining us with stories and question about what motivates each of us to care about creation.

WeykerSrJanetEmmaus and St. Andrew are gearing up to participate in a cool program to help us lower our carbon use (and our utility bills) in our homes. The program, called “Cool Congregations,” began in Iowa and has now been tried by over 250 faith communities.

Our conversation with Sister Janet Weyker (left) promises to be an interesting and informative forum. It will also launch our own Cool Congregations program at Emmaus-St. Andrew. We have invited another special speaker, Peter Baaken, to join us in February for some conversation on climate change before we begin the program in earnest. After these forums, we will invite those who are interested to join our Cool Congregations program.

We’ll be signing up in small groups, mixing the groups with members of both congregations so we can get to know each other. Each of the groups will be invited to three house parties over the course of the year. We will calculate how many pounds of carbon your household is using and how it compares to the average amount used by families in the United States.

You can then take simple steps toward fulfilling a faith-based pledge to cut your energy use, often saving money in the process! There are lots of ideas, come of which cost little to nothing. At the end of the year, we’ll see what we have been able to save.

We keep the faith by keeping the earth.

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