Giving Trees for EASY, HALO

This year, we have two opportunities to share gifts with two groups in the Racine community: children served in the Emmaus After School for Youth (EASY) program, and single mothers who are a part of the HALO homeless shelter*.

131119_givtreesYou are invited to take one or more ornaments from the giving trees found in the church entry and to share as you are able.

EASY gifts may be made in amounts of $10.00 or more. The blue ornaments on the trees are attached to envelopes containing varying suggested donation amounts. Checks may be made payable to Emmaus or to EASY with the memo “Giving Tree.” Money collected will be used to buy one age-appropriate book and one educational toy for each of the 41 students enrolled in the program. EASY staff will purchase the gift items.

The deadline for EASY donations is December 8. Volunteers are welcome to join the elves for a gift-wrapping party at 10:00 a.m. Monday, December 9 in the Emmaus Fellowship Hall.

HALO gifts are purchased with a specific person in mind, and the Wish List of each woman is found on each of the green ornaments on the giving trees. Because a number of these women are looking forward to transitioning into their own apartments in the near futures, some have included larger household items on their wish lists.

The suggested level of giving for the women is $25.00 or more, but you do not need to include all the items on a wish list. These gifts should be wrapped and returned to St. Andrew by December 10.

Thank you for sharing from your abundance, blessing those less fortunate in our own community.

* Update: The green tags for the HALO mothers have all been taken, but we have a number of blue tags left.

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