St. Monica’s Residents Enjoyed SALT Visit

mail599Dear Ms. Moncada,
What can I say but thank you to you and all the youths that participated this year from your SALT program. These young people were terrific in their participation with our residents. They were great listeners and very good with the interaction.
Many of our residents do not have an opportunity to visit with young people, so it is always a special treat to have well mannered, nice youths here visiting. I wish you could have seen the positive energy during the last hour of visiting in our living room. At one point, our WWII Veteran had several of your boys mesmerized with his tales and his helmet that had a bullet hole in it!
We know it takes time and coordination to plan these events, and it is really appreciated Again, watching, listening and interacting with these children means so much to our residents.
Again, please extend our appreciation to the young visitors and your talented staff for their involvement with St. Monica.
Joan Windis, Activities Department

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