Community Meal Site Says: Cool It

mealsD05Because of last year’s hot summer, St. Patrick’s has decided not to use its ovens to cook food for Community Meals this summer. Emmaus and other contributing congregations are asked not to bring the usual casseroles.

Instead, please substitute food that can be heated in a Nesco or served cold. Community Meal Director Margaret Clickner suggests hot dogs, beans, chips, tacos, hamburgers, brats, sloppy joes, sub sandwiches, cold pasta salads (tuna, chicken, and shrimp), leaf salad, pickles, olives, and fresh fruit.

“These are some examples, but if you can come up with some personal favorites that you make during hot days, they would be greatly appreciated. We know how we feel in the heat; this solution will also help those who make the dishes to pass out. You won’t have to heat up your kitchen, either!

“Ovens will not be used from June 1 until September 26. Also, please use a spray in pans; this will help our dish washers a lot.” –Program Director Margaret Clickner


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