Meet Racine County Sheriff

You are invited to a community event with Sheriff Christopher Schmaling June 10 at 6:00-8:00 p.m. at Emmaus Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1925 Summit Av. Racine WI 53404. For more info call 262 634-5515 Ext 2. (cell 414 881 1403).

People can denounce crime and report robberies when they see them in their neighborhood. But they don’t do it because of fear. Families are separated for years. Neighbors live in the shadows. Detention facilities are costing us a fortune. People languish in isolation, reluctant to seek help for fear of arrest or deportation.

temp1aThe mission of the Racine County Sheriff’s Office is the preservation of public safety, peace, and order. This shall be primarily performed through the prevention and detection of crime, the apprehension of offenders, the protection of persons and property, and the enforcement of the laws of the State of Wisconsin and the ordinances of the County of Racine.

“The Bible is full of stories of immigrants and refugees: Of those called to leave their home and kindred; of strangers in strange lands; of exiles and displaced persons; of seekers for religious and political freedom. They teach us to show hospitality to the stranger, to shelter the refugee, to treat the resident alien with justice and compassion, and to welcome visitors as messengers from God.”

Let us do it together. Let us stand with those who are suffering! Your presence can help to transform others, bring peace to those who are full fear, and build a safer community!

This is a historical community event organized by City of Racine Immigration Committee,  Parroquia Emaús (ELCA), St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Cristo Rey Catholic Church, Racine Interfaith Coalition, Voces de la Frontera, and Mario Martinez Insurance, with special cooperation of Chief of Police Art Howell.

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