“Held a Stormy Session”

The church on Mound Avenue
The church on Mound Avenue

While searching through our files for something else, we came across three newspaper clippings from October, 1895, concerning a disputatious congregational meeting at Emmaus. We’re hoping for far less acrimony at the congregational meeting coming up on January 27.

Here’s the first of the three articles from the Racine Daily Journal, October 15, 1895:


Lively Meeting of the Congregation of the Emaus Lutheran Church.

A meeting of the congregation of the Danish Emaus Lutheran church was held last evening for the purpose of considering the injunction proceedings served upon the majority faction by the representatives of the minority faction yesterday. It is understood that the gathering was quite stormy at times and much ill-will was evinced toward those who were responsible for the serving of the injunction to prevent the majority faction from freezing them out or disposing of the church property.

The question came up as to who should translate a copy of the injunction proceedings from the English to the Danish language. Some one proposed that Peter B. Nelson be asked to perform the task, when there was a storm of objections from leading members of the majority faction. After much discussion it was decided to postpone the meeting until Friday evening, when in the meantime the document will be translated and read. A meeting of the individual members, upon whom the injunction was served, will be held this evening at the church and a policy will be mapped out, upon what course to pursue. The proceedings are the all absorbing topic among Scandinavians throughout the city and its final outcome will be waited with unusual interest.

Next: “Scandinavian Church Dispute.”

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