Gentle Worship

by Marian Wasierski

The first meeting for Gentle Worship on October 6 was wonderful. Many people, younger and older, as varied as the rainbow, came to praise God in a totally accepting atmosphere of mutual appreciation. Lead organizers Rev Walter Hermanns and Claire Ackley of Holy Communion Lutheran Church Northwestern Campus thank one and all who contributed time, talent and treasure towards this grand experiment.

The next gathering for Gentle Worship will be Saturday, November 3 at 4:00 p.m. at Holy Communion Lutheran Church Northwestern Campus, 5040 Northwestern Avenue, Mt Pleasant. Please come.

Please contact Pastor Walter (262-498-8157) with questions and comments. Check out the Journal Times “Faith and Community” article about Gentle Worship for a good overview:

Remember those “crying rooms” in some churches years ago? Mothers, and sometimes fathers, would sit with crying infants there, or take fussy toddlers into those areas so as not to disturb other worshippers.

But what if the one ‘acting up’ is really an 85-year-old man with Alzheimer’s? Or a child with autism? Or a grandparent who must use a sometimes-noisy oxygen tank? …

Holy Communion is launching the “gentle worship,” a half-hour monthly service devoted to those who feel like they just can’t attend standard worship services, Hermanns said.

‘The thing we all have in common is maybe we don’t fit in,’ Hermanns said. ‘The neat thing will be discovering what we share and how we can become a community among ourselves.’


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