Bishop Barrow on Oak Creek Temple Shootings

Message from Bishop Jeff Barrow yesterday:
“Like so many of you, I am shocked and deeply saddened by the news of the senseless killings at the Sikh temple today. These tragedies happen with increasing frequency in a world where ignorance, fear and hatred seem to have their way far too often. Let us NEVER become complacent about about such events. They are simply not a reflection of the way the world is created to be.

“Like so many of you, as I heard the awful details, I realized how little I knew of the Sikh community, a community which preaches tolerance and believes in peace. It is often ignorance which fuels the fear, fear which fuels the hatred, hatred which leads to violence.

“As people of faith, I ask us not only to stand in solidarity with our grieving brothers and sisters in the Sikh community. I ask us to pledge to be a part of a world where ignorance, fear, hatred and violence do not rule the day nor lower our expectations for what life should be. For me, it is a matter of practicing faithful Christianity to make that pledge…”

There will be an Interfaith Gathering of Solidarity at noon today at Kenosha Civic Center Park, across from the Kenosha County Court House, Sheridan Rd at 56th Street, Kenosha.


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