Synod Assembly Supports 11X15 Campaign

Pastor Mary, Pastor Jhon Freddy, and Liliana Moncada attended the Greater Milwaukee Synod Assembly as the voting members from Emmaus Thursday through Saturday, May 31 to June 2. Racine’s FaithWorks partnership was featured at a workshop on Friday.

Voting members at the assembly approved a motion calling upon the synod and its congregations to participate in the 11X15 program begun by WISDOM, a network of congregational justice organizations in the state. The campaign is designed to reduce Wisconsin’s prison population by 11,000 by 2015 through the use of evidence-based initiatives such as Treatment Alternatives and Diversionary programs (TAD), earned release programs, Circles of Support, drug treatment programs, day report centers and other restorative justice programs.

The motion urged congregations to view a PowerPoint presentation produced by the 11X15 campaign describing its efforts to “reduce prison populations in ways that emphasize restorative justice and result in safer and healthier communities.”


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