Synod Assembly Election results

Elected as Voting Members of the 2013 Churchwide Assembly:

  • At-Large – Clergy
    The Rev. Barbara Rasmussen
    The Rev. Kris Totzke
  • Racine Cluster – Clergy
    The Rev. Dana O’Brien
  • At-Large – Lay Female, Person of Color
    Ms. Latonya Jordan
  • At-Large – Lay Male
    Mr. Elijah Furquan
    Mr. Nicholas Schoob
  • At-Large – Lay Male, Person of Color
    Mr. Jose Guerrero
  • Kenosha/West Racine Cluster – Lay Female
    Ms. Carol Gillmore
  • Milwaukee Cluster 1 – Lay Male
    Mr. Will Robertson
  • Milwaukee Cluster 2 – Clergy
    The Rev. Donna Brown
  • Milwaukee Cluster 3 – Lay Female
    Ms. Susan Cyr
  • Milwaukee Cluster 4 – Lay Male
    Mr. Conor Williams
  • Lake Country Cluster – Clergy
    The Rev. Steve Blyth
  • Northern Lakeshore Cluster – Lay Female
    Ms. Esther Rusch
  • Northwest Cluster – Lay Male
    Mr. Paul Bedker
  • Waukesha Cluster – Lay Female
    Ms. Marilyn Schwanz Olson

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