Congregation Approves Profound Partnership

Emmaus members at the January 29 congregational meeting voted to approve entering into a Profound Partnership Covenant with Atonement, Our Savior’s, and Saint Andrew Lutheran Churches.

Discussion included an explanation of Emmaus’ participation in the RAMS process which led to the “speed dating” event at Emmanuel and the discovery of common mission and energy with three other churches. The Partnership Covenant evolved during subsequent meetings of clergy, council members and other lay people from the churches. The covenant doesn’t mean mergers of churches, but might mean a common purse for some programs, such as Neighborhood Camp.

In addition to approving reports, acknowledging outgoing council members and the approval of a budget, a new slate of council members was voted on and approved.  Members of the 2012 Emmaus council are:

•    Chris Lamberton– President

•     Jeff McCray – Vice-President

•     Missy Porcaro – Secretary

•     Art Smith – Treasurer

•     Caren Lamberton – Financial Secretary

•     Loren Larsen – Building and Grounds

•     Kathy Christensen – Worship and Music

•     Rich Benson – Youth

•     Stacy Steinike & Melissa Lemke – Fund raising and sustainability

•     Cathy Meyer – Member Care

•     Diane Melander – Social Concerns

•     Carolyn Wooster – Stewardship

Treasurer Art Smith highlighted certain aspects of the proposed 2012 budget: staff numbers are down due to Pastor Mary adjusting her hours; the synod pledge remains unchanged; the Latino congregation has pledged $10,000 for 2012 plus continued maintenance such as paper products. Art mentioned that we are still at risk for major repairs such as the elevator and boiler repairs that set us back financially in 2011, but we have generated a reserve fund of $2,500 in addition to approximately $1,000 in the capital improvements fund.


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