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Environmental Stewardship: Birds

July 18, 2016
by John Berge
A number of tourists on our recent trip to Bordeaux, France, brought along binoculars in anticipation of some bird watching. Unfortunately, about the only birds we saw were the ubiquitous flocks of pigeons, a few English sparrows and a couple of crows or ravens — all rather scavenger-types of birds. We also saw no mosquitoes and very few flies or other insects, despite a three-day strike by sanitation workers when we first arrived.

This may be a coincidence, but I don’t believe so.
Even seed- or nectar-eating birds require insects to feed their young. Without that source of protein, the young song birds that we so enjoy will not mature. We can put up with a few mosquitoes and other insects in order to share our yards and parks with the abundance of birds with which we are blessed.

Leaving a few weeds as well as bugs in our environment is another way we can contribute to biodiversity and the bird population. We should reduce or eliminate pesticide and herbicide use. (Repellants can keep the mosquitoes away.) An overly clean yard, with garden beds and shrubs mulched to the extreme can remove the places where native bees and other insects can lay their eggs and protect themselves from our winter weather. Butterfly larva need places to feed and grow. We can partially make up for the mono-culture of our lawns by planting native perennials, trees and shrubs. A little laziness or messiness in our gardening can be a good thing.

Those plants should not include non-native, invasive plants. Learn how to identify them and remove them from your yard. As the National Audubon Society has written, “Invasive plants don’t provide as much good food or habitat as native species do, and can threaten healthy ecosystems.”

Birds also need water to drink and bathe in. Creating or protecting at least one water source in your yard is another way to encourage the birds to add color and song to your yard. Another suggestion from the Audubon Society is to close your blinds at night and turn off lights you are not using, especially during the migrating seasons. “Some birds use constellations to guide them on their annual migrations, and bright lights from windows and skylights (light pollution) can disrupt their steering senses.” Collisions between birds and windows are the greatest cause of mortality in birds other than cats. Wind turbines are far down the list.

Thankyou Celebration for Pastor Mary

July 16, 2016

Sisters and Brothers of Emaus,1503xx-mlj-siebert

As you know, after 25 years of remarkable ministry at Emmaus/Emaus Pastor Mary has decided that July 31 will be her last day as a called pastor of the congregation.  It just so happens that July 31 is a Sunday.  To thank Pastor Mary for her ministry with us and celebrate her presence among us there will be a bi-lingual worship service at 10:00 a.m. on the church lawn followed by a picnic potluck.  You are asked to bring salads and desserts for the potluck.  We will provide everything else.

We plan to honor Pastor Mary with a honorarium to the mission of Emaus in her name from the congregation. We’re asking everyone to participate.  You can do it in one of two ways.

1.  You can donate electronically by clicking on the e-giving link and it will guide you through the steps.  Please use the category “Other” and put “Pastor Mary’s Celebration” in the memo.

2.  You can put a check or cash in an envelope marked “Pastor Mary’s celebration.”

We’re looking for a generous response from the congregation.  Thank you.

In Christ,

Pastor Gabriel and Pastor Steve


Hermanas y hermanos de Emaus,

Como ya saben, después de 25 años del notable ministerio de Emmaus / Emaus por parte de la Pastora Mary; ha decidido que 31 de julio será su último día como una pastora llamada de la congregación.

El 31 de julio es un domingo. Y como agradecimiento a la Pastora Mary por su ministerio con nosotros queremos celebrar su presencia y su trabajo con una misa a las 10:00 horas en el césped de la iglesia seguido de una comida de picnic. Se les pide traer ensaladas y postres para el convivio. Nosotros vamos a proporcionar todo lo demás.

Tenemos la intención de honrar a Pastor Mary con unos honorarios a la misión de Emaus en su nombre de la congregación. Estamos pidiendo a todos a participar. Puede hacerlo de las siguientes dos formas:

1. Usted puede donar electrónicamente por hagar clic en e-giving y se le guiará a través de los pasos. Por favor, ponga “Celebración de la Pastora Mary” en el memo.

2. Usted puede poner un cheque o efectivo en un sobre marcado con “Celebración de la Pastora Mary.”

Esperamos tener una respuesta generosa por parte de la congregación. Gracias.

En Cristo,

 Pastor Gabriel y Pastor Steve

Saturday Service Notice

July 13, 2016

SatEveWorshDue to the reception to be held after Pastor Gabriel’s installation service this Saturday, the 4:30 p.m. service on July 16 has been cancelled. We encourage everyone to attend the installation service at 6:00.

Autobiografía de Pr. Gabriel

July 12, 2016

Nací en la Cuidad de Maiquetía Estado Vargas- Venezuela, el 14 de septiembre de 1983. Hijo único de José Francisco Marcano y Maritza Aguiar.

Fui bautizado a la edad de un año en la iglesia de San José Obrero de los Teques Estado Miranda. Recibí mi Primera Comunión a los 9 y mi confirmación a los 13 años.

160618-gameditMi vocación se remonta cuando yo era servidor del altar. En la Parroquia de Nuestra Señora del Pilar. Entré al Seminario San José de Cumaná a la edad de 16 años.

A los 19 años tomé la decisión de abandonar el seminario y decidí irme a la cuidad de Caracas en busca de un nuevo horizonte. Con el pasar de tiempo conocí la Iglesia Anglicana y decidí continuar mis estudios teológicos, mi vocación y llamado a servir dentro de esta parte de la Iglesia de Cristo. En 2011 me gradué como Profesor de Castellano, literatura y latín. Y como filósofo al año siguiente en La Universidad Católica Santa Rosa. Fui ordenado diacono en el 2010 y como sacerdote en 2011. Serví como vicario en la Catedral de Santa María durante tres años. Read more…

Letter from Bishop Jeff

July 8, 2016

WWII Afghan Donated to Museum

July 7, 2016

Emaus ELCA has donated an afghan knitted by Emmaus women during World War II for wounded American soldiers to the Racine Heritage Museum.


Ellen Eschmann (now Whitman) and Pastor Mary Janz pose with the afghan in 2005.

The afghan was returned to Emmaus in the fall of 2005 by Wanda Drose, a retired Army nurse who had worked during the war in the amputee ward of Percy Jones Army Hospital in Battle Creek, Michigan. The afghan was one of several homemade comfort items donated to the hospital.

According to Mrs. Drose, she kept the afghan after the Army issued a ruling banning the use of civilian afghans, blankets, and the like in Army facilities. For years, she stored it in a cedar chest in her home, taking it with her when she and her husband, Ed, moved to Augusta, Georgia, where she became a member of the Redeemer Lutheran Church quilting club.

051120-afghancornerThe name of our church was knit into a corner of the afghan, so she looked us up when she was going through her and Ed’s things to decide what they needed to keep. At the time, Carol Eschmann’s daughter Ellen happened to be stationed at Fort Gordon in Augusta, so Ellen met the Droses and brought the afghan home with her when she visited for Thanksgiving. The Eschmanns presented the afghan to the congregation at the November 20, 2005 worship service.

Noticias para Julio

July 1, 2016

noticiasbutton07Haga clic aquí para leer el boletin para el mes de Julio, 2016.

En la edición de este mes: La parroquia Emaus celebra el ministerio de la Pastora Mary ☼ Instalación del pastor Gabriel
Sábado 16 de julio ☼ Abiertas las inscripciones para la primera comunión y confirmación ☼ Picnic parroquial ☼ ‘El servicio en el amor’ ☼ La Conferencia Nuevo Amanecer 2016 ☼ La vida de Dios en nuestras manos


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